Activation Package

Are you ready to get crystal clear on your compelling future & clear away any blocks, barriers, and beliefs that are holding you back?

This Activation Package bridges the power of the subconscious mind with your business strategy.  This is a powerful package that rewires your mind, and reconditions your behaviour so that you will achieve your business goals with more ease and speed than ever before.

Some Street Cred

Jenn’s Mindset Activations are the missing link in taking your business to the next level, helping you bust through limiting beliefs…Chuck Norris style! She has been instrumental in my business growth mindset, so much so, that every Transformation client who works with The Monarch & Co is set up with an Activation Session for their best possible growth and transformation. Jenn is truly a heart centred gem! Go book an Activation Session and buckle up, because you’re about to start an amazing journey!

Amanda Wilson

The Monarch & Co.

Jenn blew the lid off of my limiting beliefs and helped me move into a whole new business mindset with ease and speed.  My business is booming and it’s taken my life right alongside it. The initial call with her is something I would highly recommend to anyone at any time. But the daily activation meditation that follows is just incredible. Can’t recommend Dive Heart First highly enough!!

Lora Banks

Hummingbird Media

The power of meditation can be LIFE CHANGING! When you connect into untapped parts of your brain anything is possible! If you want to learn more Dive Heart First is your gal! This cool, kind, compassionate lady can help you get super clear on what you want to achieve, believe and the person you want to be. Best of all she will hook you up with your own personalized meditation recording

Karen Kingsbury


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