Business Accelerator

Looking to accelerate your business with more ease and speed than you ever thought was possible?

The Expanded Entrepreneur Incubator is a 90-Day 1-on-1 Coaching Program designed to do just that using the latest and greatest techniques in neurosceince and the energetics of entrepreneurship.

What Awesome People Are Saying

Before meeting Jenn I had no clue what a Business Coach was or that I needed one!  Fortunately at a community workshop someone recommended her to me.

Nervous, but curious, I reached out to her. Hands down one of the best things I have ever done in my life! No kidding!

Before Jenn I was spinning my wheels in business, playing small in the world, and just not working to my full potential. I have reached out to Jenn time and time again for help and she always gets me on track.

There is so much I have come to learn about myself through working with her and have become courageous and have learned to stand in my own power.

If you are looking at any of her offerings and feel a little uncertain,  just give her a call and you will quickly discover that you are in good hands!

She will stand for you, coach you, encourage you, cheer you on, and make you feel like you count!  Even when you are done working with Jenn, she still supports you!

I will be forever grateful for Jenn, remain to be one of her biggest fans, and will continue to adore her!

Kim Ball

Willow Creek Somatics

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