Strategy Session

Need to focus & filter your ideas into a powerful and potent action plan?

This strategy session is designed just for that.  Come with your biggest business challenge, or your most compelling business opportunity and leave with a clear and concise simple action plan to get your desired results.  Book a one-off session, quarterly, or yearly to keep the forward momentum. 

What are other people saying?

Working with Jenn as a coach has been transformative both professionally and personally. Her ability to absorb at scale, distill with clarity and connect the essentials is unmatched. She merges empathy with action, spirit with logic, and ideas with results.

Keith Jones

Good & Company

Jenn Walker effectively clarifies a game-plan and sets one on the straight and narrow. I was bubbling with ideas and excitement after our call!

Marlene Pinkerton

Collingwood Acupuncture

I never realized I was playing safe and small; staying within my comfort zone versus going after my dreams. It was Jenn who challenged the stories I was telling myself, helped me recognize I was wasting time on my weaknesses instead of focusing on my strengths and inspired me to change my mindset in business and life.

Shayne Henderson

Massage & Movement Therapist

Not sure if this is right for you?

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